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Pop Aye


Pop Aye

A warm, funny road movie about a man and his elephant making their way through the gorgeous Thai countryside.


Loew Auditorium


Writer/director Kirsten Tan won a special jury award for screenwriting at the Sundance Film Festival for this warm and funny film set in Thailand. Feeling underappreciated both at work and at home, Thana encounters a street hustler with a performing elephant. Recognizing the pachyderm as his old childhood pet, Thana impulsively decides to bring him back to the rural village of his youth, kicking off an eventful road trip for both man and elephant.


D: Kirsten Tan, Thailand, subtitled, 2017, 1h44m



Programmer’s Note

After the Istanbul cat documentary Kedi brought joy to the Hop through two sold-out screenings, we wanted to make sure we caught this film at the Nantucket Film Festival. We found Kirsten Tan’s debut feature exceeded our expectations of the human-animal adventure subgenre. With stunning cinematography and surprisingly complex supporting characters, Pop Aye is a beautiful sweet movie, to be sure. But it does not settle for surface-level appreciation—it goes straight to the heart of what it is to be human, and shows sometimes you need an animal to take you there.

—Sydney and Johanna, Hop Film


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