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It’s Criminal


It’s Criminal

This moving doc follows a Dartmouth class and local incarcerated women as they collaborate on a play, exploring issues of privilege and injustice.


Loew Auditorium


Discussion follows with director Signe Taylor, Prof. Ivy Schweitzer, Prof. Pati Hernandez and special guests.

Poignant and personal, local filmmaker Signe Taylor’s moving documentary shares the life-changing journeys of incarcerated women and Dartmouth students in the Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies class, “Telling My Story,” which epitomizes the goals of experiential learning.

Over the course of ten weeks, the students and inmates work together to write and perform an original play that explores the often painful and troubled paths that landed the women behind bars, and also shares some of their fragile visions for the future. It's a transformational movie that delves into privilege, poverty and injustice and asks viewers to think about who is in prison and why.

#ReelChange #HearMeRoar #FilmSchool

D: Signe Taylor, US, 2017, 1h20m

Visit itscriminal.com to read more and watch the trailer.

Programmer’s Note

Some of you may have caught this film at the White River Indie Festival (WRIF) this past spring. We are proud to present this film as well—not only because it addresses social justice issues that affect our community, but also because it depicts one of the clearest examples of “experiential learning” at Dartmouth.

We at the Hop believe strongly in the power of storytelling as a tool for learning and for promoting justice, and are pleased to showcase this film which highlights how these values are shared across campus.

—Sydney and Johanna, Hop Film


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Loew Auditorium